Ealy Family Fundraising

Hello Ealy Family and Friends!

The Chicago Planning Committee needs your help and support. We humbly ask all family members to support our fundraising program. Friends of family, you can also participate for a chance to win cash! All proceeds will benefit the Ealy Family Reunion on July 23-26, 2020 in Chicago, IL. Donate $5.00 for each chance to win either 1 free hotel night during the reunion weekend (a reunion attendee) at the Chicago Marriott Oak Brook Hotel or a Visa gift card valued at $120.

Here’s how you can participate in 1 of 3 ways to win:

(1) GOT CASH APP? Send ticket(s) payment to $EalyFamReunion2020. Please include only the following info in the “For” (add a note) line in Cash App (only 50 characters are allowed):
Purchaser’s Name
Email or Cell # (choose only 1)
First Name or the Initials of Person Who Referred You (if applicable)

Note:  All daily online orders will receive a confirmation notice and ticket number(s) nightly after 10 pm EST via email or text.

(2) GOT CASH? See your local planning committee member to purchase a ticket(s). Please do not mail cash. The planning committee members are: Sandra Richardson, Nacsha Ealy Green, Melvin Collier, Chandra Blanks, Asha Watson, Fran Strong, Etta Moran, Richard Mack, Jimmie Lindsey, Brittany Stribling, Margie Divine, Zilliah Ealy

(3) GOT A CHECK? Send ticket(s) payment payable to Nacsha Ealy Green, 23481 Marlow St., Oak Park, MI 48237. Include your e-mail address or cell # to receive your ticket number(s).

The winner will be announced on Facebook Live on November 22 at 9 pm EST (8 pm CST). See FB event EFR Raffle Drawing for more details. If you have any questions, contact us at EalyFamilyReunion2020@gmail.com.