We have two great things to share! First, from the flyer above, you may wonder, “Who are the Ealy Legacy Keepers?” Well, we the 2020/2021 Planning Committee have decided to change our group name, as we continue to sponsor upcoming Zoom events and other family projects to honor our family legacy. Secondly, please see the flyer above of our next three Zoom events! We can stay connected and enjoy each other from the comforts of our own homes!

On Sat., Sept. 18, the Ealy Legacy Keepers will be sponsoring Family Storytelling: Bring the Past to Life! We welcome family members to share memories about a family elder, or growing up in Leake or Scott County, Mississippi, or a special family reunion memory, or attending Harmony or Bethlehem M.B. Church, or etc. It is going to be fun and engaging! Stories make us laugh, cry, and recall the past. Let’s share them with current generations to pass on to future generations.

Click HERE or on the flyer above to register for this Storytelling Zoom event on Sat., Sept. 18, at 3:00 pm Central / 4:00 pm Eastern. We look forward to seeing you!