We, the Ealy Legacy Keepers, are excited to announce our next event, Cousins, Comedy, & Cocktails with MattieJ! It will be on Sat., October 23, starting at 5:30 pm EST. MattieJ is a hilariously funny, outspoken, old-school, tellin it like it tiz, no excuses and renown comedienne. She’s “hollering and screaming & screaming and hollering” all the way from Alabama. The devoted and protective (so don’t even think about messin’ with her man) wife of Herman. Because she will familiarize you with her “5-fold ministry” lesson plan. Her quick-witted “incidentals” and law dilemmas keep her team of “White Menz Attorney” on stand-by. Follow and check out her cast and crew on Facebook here.

She will be giving an exclusive private performance to the Ealy Family and guests for $10 per family member and $15 per guest. Any event profits will support the 2022 family missions (family scholarship fund and cemetery upkeep fund).

To pay via credit card or Pay Pal, click HERE.

To pay via Cash App, click HERE.

ENTER THE EALY SIGNATURE DRINK CHALLENGE! See flyer and details below. If you have any questions, contact Sandra Richardson at


(1) List the category you’re entering. i.e. cocktail or mocktail.

(2) List the name of your cocktail or mocktail.

(3) Include the recipe with mixing instructions.

(4) Include your name, contact info, and a picture. (Picture is optional.)

(5) Submit your entry Oct. 5 thru Oct. 10 to Sandra at


(1) Submit entries Oct. 5 thru Oct. 10.

(2) Drink recipes will be posted on the family Facebook page on Oct. 11.

(3) Vote on your top recipe in each category Oct. 12 thru Oct 17.

(4) The top 5 per each category will be posted on Oct. 18.

(5) Winners will be announced during the virtual “Cousins, Comedy & Cocktails” event on Sat., Oct. 23.